Hi. I'm Thera Knouff

(sounds like Terra Ka-NUFF)

I believe in the philosophy “form follows function”. The best design is not done for its own sake but rather, to further a message. That doesn’t mean that it cannot be done beautifully. Whether you are in need of a new logo, social media content or print collateral, I can help convey your message effectively and beautifully.


print design

I have an extensive background in print production/prepress and graphic design for print. Business cards, brochures, flyers or advertisement design- I can help!

digital design

Do you need digital content for your site, social media, email or a complete website overhaul?


The last thing you want is to put all of your hard work into your marketing materials only to have them go out with mistakes! My experience includes proofreading/quality control, I can check your content for grammatical/spelling errors and/or do light editing upon request.


(for more detailed info, contact me!)

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